Hash # 1710

Date: 19/08/2017 (Lady Gagger and Near Pissers Birthdays!)

Time: 5:00 PM or 1700

Location : Al Sayh – by the beach!  not far away from Busaiteen! follow the gps! there might be some signs to help you out! if you cant find the place, please give a mismanagement a call!


Hares: Head WIth My Mom and Lady Gagger

Bring 1 BD for the run, there will be a shot stop and some snacks! bring some water as there wont be any provided by the hares!  bring VIRGINS!!! what else do you need to bring?? your sense of humor!

PS: Be quiet during the circle unless we are singing songs! which means you can sing along too!! if you want to talk when the circle is going on, be respectful and step away! thanks a bunch!