The Mismanagement Team is here to help and ensure the Hash lives, stays fun, and the beer flows.

Grand Master (GM) – Spanks The Turkey

The Grand Master or GM is the supreme drunk herder, and babysitter. The responsibility of the GM includes lame administration duties, announcements, and ensuring the rest of the mismanagement team is too drunk to do their assigned duties.

Religious Advisor (RA) – Piss N Boots

A Religious Advisor or RA, is the obnoxious asshole, in charge of controlling the events that take place during the circle after the hares lay their shitty trail for the evening and the hounds have hashed it. Responsibilities include collecting stories, passing judgement on accusations, and usually making up stories which are completely historically accurate.

Curate –

A Curate is responsible for taking the place of one or absent mismanagement members and completely making a mess of things.

Hash Cash – Head With My Mom

Hash cash is responsible for the mismanagement of funds and ensuring there’s at least money for beer next week, because let’s face it, that’s all that matters.

Hare Raiser – Head With My Mom

The Hare Raisers dooty is to find Hares for futures hashes to cum.

 Awards & Debauchery Herder –  Spanks The Turkey

The Awards and Debauchery Herder does… absolutely nothing. Except they do track when hashers are to receive awards and attempt to herd hashers to show up at events every now and again.

Hash Flash – None

A Hash Flash documents the history of the hash and takes photos of all the hashers in their best of moments so a fellow hasher can remember that time they did a butt chug (not to be confused with the urban dictionary definition of butt chug).

Hash Raffler – Rapid Cherokee Choker

Our beloved Hash Raffler is responsible for winning at trivia night and re-gifting the items (generally booze) to winners of the raffles at the end of the circle.


A Haberdasher is that annoying car salesman continually trying to sell fellow hashers BBH3 gear. Make sure you look fly when you roll up with a BBH3 Hash t-shirt, mug, coozy, vest and other stuff you need but don’t want!

Song Meister – Position Available (no really we currently need one.)

Someone who loves to sing and sing about other hashers misfortune. At a moments notice, the Song Meister has a song for every situation.

Beer Meister – Pin The Penis On The Honkey

The Beer Meister leads a lonely thankless life, passing beer out and ensuring the circle stays continually supplied with beer for all facets of misconduct.

Web Administripper – Head With My Mom

A Web Mistress is responsible for making sure the BBH3 website is updated with events, news, photos, and other information that inevitably no one reads or cares about.

Hash Pimp aka Hash Cash- Head With My Mom

If you want to r*n on the hash or drink any of the beer than this is the man you need to find. He also keeps track of the number of hashes you have R*n and Hared.  If you are at the hash and did not pay, you might have a problem because he will chase you down and take all your god damn money. you know what they say, pimpin aint easy.